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Gasca Emag&ASUS&Depanero

Pentru ca bineinteles, temerea initiala din decembrie 2015 s-a concretizat (garantia a expirat, deci poti sa iti arunci produsul pe geam), am zis sa cer parerea si altor actori implicati in aceste procese:

  1. ASUS GLOBAL: Hello ASUS. I am writing to you just to find out which are the procedures for my situation. I am from Romania, so I am a client of ASUS Romania, through a retailer. I’ve bought a tablet 2 years ago but in the last year, I’ve sent it 3 times to the service because it was restarting no matter what I did. So it’s an annoying useless device. The problem is that there are 3 corporations that are playing with the client’s nerves. Maybe you don’t know them: EMAG (the seller), ASUS Romania (the manufacturer) and DEPANERO (the logistic hub). They replaced 2 times the charger and the motherboard and the fails remained. The third time, they said that the complaint is not confirmed cause the errors didn’t manifest. OK…..they still are. I did a complain also to the state institution that is checking these situations. ASUS Romania did not offer any solution, but more, they said I can pay a counter- expertise to another authorized center and file the complain again. I asked about a list of authorized services and guess what? They only have 1 authorized ASUS service in the whole country. Those useless guys that were maybe annoyed by the third complain (nobody wants to complain and everyone hates services, so it was not my passion to interact with them). I will send this info also to the press so the potential clients could know the story. After 1 year the device failed and in the last year, 3 “reparations”, no solutions, 1 single authorized service and poor customer service, not to mention zero customer focus. I also use an ASUS laptop that is working really nice, so i am not a brand hater. Looking forward for an answer as I had enough of these idiotic silences from ASUS Romania, not to mention Emag – their partner :). Regards
  2. ANPC – nu ca as avea mare incredere in profunzimea verificarilor facute de ei, dar macar sa fie treaba dusa pana la capat. Numarul de inregistrare al reclamatiei este 5921 din 15.02.2016. Directie – BUCURESTI
  3. Ce a fost extrem de hilar a fost ca Emag-ul mi-a zis ca daca aveam garantie extinsa, alta era situatia. Pe bune? Adica ala care merge cu garantia standard a produsului (1 sau 2 ani) va trebui sa se resemneze cu produsele concepute sa clacheze imediat dupa primul an (nu vorbesc de high premium, unde pretul include si garantii paraextinse). Deci, daca plateam inca 1 sau 2 ani de garantie, sa inteleg ca imi reparai produsul cumparat? Sau doar aveam inca 2 ani in plus in care puteam sa ma plimb de la unii la altii? Tacerea ta, Emag,  este atat de lirica.
  4. Asus Romania, ma gandesc ca poate te cauti si tu. Uite, in urma noptii de amor cu PC Garage, ati mai ranit inca un client. Mult mai increzator in tine, care a venit cu inima si portofelul larg deschise. Tot ce a ramas este o recenzie foarte buna la produsul tau tableta ASUS Transformer T100 si o gaura de 2500 de lei. We’ve taken a spike, cum ar veni.
  5. .jpeg emag

Va mai las si niste materiale simpatice.

Pentru ca electronics are designed to fail fast! 😉

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